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Upgrade Your Lock to Anti Snap or Ultion Locks in Loughborough

Quality Anti Snap and Ultion Locks

When you close your front door and the lock snaps shut, it gives you a feeling of safety and makes you think that nobody can easily enter your home without having a key. While standard locks can provide this feeling of security, they often don’t deliver when they’re put to the test.

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Anti Snap & Ultion Lock Upgrade Services in Loughborough

Thousands of burglaries take place every week in the UK, and a good proportion of them involve snapping the lock on the front door of a property. In many cases, a standard lock can be snapped in less than a minute, leaving a property and the belongings inside completely vulnerable.

To prevent the ease of lock snapping, Anti Snap locks and Ultion Lock mechanisms are often used to upgrade standard doors. These mechanisms don’t just provide a feeling of safety but can actually deliver when put to the test.

At Locksmith Loughborough, we can upgrade existing locks to either Anti Snap and Ultion lock systems. These mechanisms can improve front and back door security, and are a great investment for any home that is security-conscious. But first things first, just what are Anti Snap locks and Ultion locks?

Anti Snap Locks Loughborough: What Are They?

Anti Snap euro cylinder locks are designed with additional layers of defence that make them much more difficult to compromise than many standard locks. An Anti Snap euro lock can be fitted to many existing doors, which allows you to increase your home security without having to purchase a new door.

With this unique lock design, once the frontal section has been removed, it’s still very hard to manipulate the lock cylinder and gain access to a property. The cylinder is reinforced with an extra strengthening bar and the primary bar in the lock is much harder to snap.

Anti Snap locks make break-ins more difficult, but they can also result in the intruder having to use techniques that are much louder to keep attempting to break the lock. This means that an intruder is much more likely to attract attention to themselves whilst trying to break into a property.

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Ultion Locks Loughborough: What Are They?

Ultion lock systems protect against forced entry and other factors, like leaving the key in the lock on the inside of the door, which can make a lock even more vulnerable during a break in.

The Ultion lock design features sacrificial resistance sections that don’t expose the core of the lock when snapped. As soon as these sections are compromised, the Ultion lock enters a form of ‘lock down mode’, making sure that your home is still safe.

When you have an Ultion lock installed, you can still exit your home using a key when the frontal section of the lock has been destroyed, so you’ll never be stuck inside in the wake of a break in attempt.

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If you’re ready to get your front and back door locks upgraded with either Ultion locks or Anti Snap locks, then Locksmith Loughborough are the local locksmiths that you can trust to get the job done right. Our locksmith services are available 24 hours a day, so no matter when you want to schedule a lock upgrade, we’re always going to be on hand to do it.

Each lock upgrade that we undertake in Loughborough is to British Standard, for your peace of mind over quality, and insurance approved, so you never have to be concerned about getting your locks upgraded. To learn more about our extensive range of locks or for a free lock upgrade estimate, get into contact with Locksmith Loughborough today.

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